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iPad Mini 2021 Review: Pocketable Power!

iPad mini 2021 is the refresh this form factor deserved.

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Intel Edits : As an iPad mini user, I find that the iPad mini is the perfect size for reading ebooks. That’s what I’ll be using it for
Ashutosh Upadhyaya : Also, it fits perfectly in the pocket of a doctor's apron and comes really handy while taking care of patients.
Kirsty x : I’ve been using this for school with the pencil for around a week now and all I can say is that it’s amazing. It does everything you need for college and is a lot bigger than I expected!
DontBanMeBroDontBanMe! : As a person who flies single engine piston planes, you're 100% right. Having your own plane and flying it is pretty expensive and you wouldn't believe how expensive it is to upgrade the panel with modern screens. if you have, for example, a Cessna 177 RG, which might run you $75K, you can easily spend $75K just upgrading the screens that show how fast you're going, your altitude, etc (called "avionics"). If your plane isn't fancy (and you don't have the budget), it's not uncommon to not upgrade it and instead use an iPad mini as the screen. Believe it or not, even in commercial airlines, pilots use the iPad mini!
TehJellyLord : I’ve honestly always preferred the mini’s personally. It’s just so convenient to use. I don’t necessarily use it for productivity, but being a college student now, doing writing assignments in a nice convenient little device sounds very nice. But I mostly use iPads for media consumption and games, but I’ve found that larger iPads are so cumbersome to use for those things. I mostly game and watch entertainment on a phone or tablet while I’m just sitting in bed. Holding up a massive tablet to do that is so so sooooo inconvenient, but the iPad mini, especially the new one, is so perfect for that. I really want one.

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2년만에. 아니, 거의 5년만에 풀체인지된 아이패드 미니6를 구입했습니다. 이번에도 마찬가지로 간단히 언빡싱과 함께 첫인상에 대해 살펴봤는데요, 의외로 실제로 만져보니 꽤 높은 만족도가 느껴졌고, 최근 있었던 젤리 스크롤도 심한지 함께 살펴봤습니다.

◆ Spec.
모델명 : iPad mini 6th
프로세서 : Apple A15 Bionic
디스플레이 : 8.3 IPS Liquid Retina
전면카메라 : 12MP F2.4
후면카메라 : 12MP F1.8
용량 : 64GB/256GB
무게 : 293/297g(Cellular)
가격 : 649,000원 ~

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00:06 오프닝
00:32 언빡싱
02:31 디자인 첫인상
05:18 디스플레이
07:21 스피커
08:51 프로세서
10:20 카메라
11:05 오늘의 결론

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L_cuga : 형은 재미를 주니까 재밋섭 엌ㅋㅋㅋ
지금 이곳!Taradise : 잇섭은 진짜 인정 아이폰, 아이패드 리뷰 거의 다 봐도 가려운데 정확하게, 전문적인데 또 쉽게 설명해주는건 잇섭 최고임 ㅠㅠ
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su슈야 : 어퍼니티 포토 +디자이너 + 어도비 프레스코 를 이동하면서 간단히 사용가능하다는 점이 8인치때 끝판왕입니다.. 낙서 쟁이 디자인 관련 진짜 .. 무조건 지름 제품!! 언제 나올런지.. 지름에 직구냐!! 정발을 기다림 ...이냐 .. 고민중인~~

Why YOU Should BUY the iPad Mini 6! 3 Month Review (2022)

Here is my iPad Mini 6 Review for 2022 after my long term use. I would say the iPad mini 6 is worth it for taking notes, watching videos, reading and web browsing. There are some compromises like some things look way too small for the screen. This device does have some scaling issues and what they call Jelly scroll when you scroll quickly. The Apple Pencil support and all screen design is a nice upgrade from previous models. With the smart folio, pencil and mini, you have a very powerful and portable setup. With some compromises.

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00:00 Introduction
01:05 #1 Size
01:42 #2 Design
02:36 #3 Portable Tablet Again
03:45 #4 Note Taking
04:35 #5 Watching Videos
06:05 #6 Web Browsing
07:24 #7 New Cameras \u0026 Center Stage
08:14 Now the issues
10:15 Recommend it?
ShannonOcelot : Watching this on my purple iPad mini 6. I have an iPad Pro 12.9 from 2018 and an iPhone 13 pro max but both those screens are too big and too small for my needs when it comes to making little sketches (I use my iPad Pro for real serious artwork) and for on the go writing books and streaming movies and shows. I also love the color purple so it was like it was meant for me. I love the thing and don’t mind that jellyscroll issue too much. Cute little iPad Air basically
kosmosbjm : I’ve had my Mini for some months now, and I find it indispensable for carting around when I’m away from home!! It weighs so little vs. my heavy Pro. It’s also great having two iPads in some instances. It’s definitely got a big enough screen for comfort. I’m very happy I purchased the Mini as it fits easily into my day on the go! Oh yes, and it uses the same C-port as my Pro model!!
Rob Navarro : Bought one at launch, I’ve been waiting for this redesign ever since they brought back the iPad mini with the 5. I have no complaints personally except for the scaling but it’s manageable. I don’t even notice the jelly scroll and never did! Hope Apple continues with this form factor for years to come.
Victor Wu : Personally the main reason for getting an iPad mini 6 is its form factor. I mainly use it for teaching. When I airplay the screen onto the 86 inch display in the classroom, it has narrower black space on both sides of the screen compared to the other iPad models. In short, it’s form factor has been the closest to the 4K TV so far which got my thumbs up.
And just like what you mentioned, the tiny fonts caused by the poor scaling is such a pain for a 41-year-old man. Unless I put on my glasses, I can’t read the tiny texts on the widget, even smaller than those on the iPhone. The keyboard is too small too. Do hope the scaling issue can be fixed in iOS 16.
Thank you for your honest review.
SLEdwards : I was planning to upgrade my mini 5 to the mini 6 just purely because of the additional screen size, but 2 things kept me from doing so: not brighter than the mini 5 (same max 500 nits brightness), and no pro motion (I use Apple News a lot). Maybe the mini 7 will rectify these 2 issues I have with the mini 6, but only time will tell.




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