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HS CODE | 관세율표 | 품목분류 | 수출입통관 | 관세사

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신동화 : 좋은 영상 감사합니다
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무역에서 나오는 이런 용어들을 공부할수있는 자료가 혹시 있나요?
일상적인 언어로 쉽게 풀어준 것들이요

HS Code in Logistics. Export & Import shipping process with HS Code List/Chapter/Heading/Sub Heading

Explained about HS Code this time. This is the basic knowledge of HS code to classify the products to the suitable HS Code. Especially, import customs clearance, we have to understand how important it is for duty rate.

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Role of Customs Specialist. Shipping job for export and import cargo in Logistics.


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Shinya Iino

15 years experience in business development in Asia and South East Asia. Marketing and Sales specialist in especially Logistics field.

Over 5,000 TEU Monthly volume for export and import in our Group company in Thailand.

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Giang Phạm Thị Hà : Thank you for this series. It's really easy to understand.
Du Bill : I love all your video. I have shared your video with my friends, it's really helpful. Thanks for your excellent work! What will happen if for one product importer and exporter they are using different HS code? They both want to use low tariff code.
Johnson Bamidele : Great learning here. Thanks you just .Ade it as simple as you best can.
Joni Ganteng : Back to early 90's when I was a Newbie, it's very difficult for me how to determine HS Code, and now 30 years later, it's very easy for me how to determine HS code
I subs yr channel and share the link to all of my staff..good work please keep it up
Choogy : Awesome setup explanation. I understand HS codes much better now

ماهو رمز المنسق الجمركي و كيفية البحث عنه what is the hs code of a product

في هذا الفيديو تم شرح رمز المنسق الجمركي للمنتج و طريقة معرفة الشهادات المطلوبة و ايضا معرفة الرسوم الجمركية لكل منتج
Hany Said : انا ما حصت الرمز ده وكلمت المصنع اعطاني رمز غير موجود بمنصة سابر تفتكر ايه الحل
Zgouri Yatto : الصوت ناقص
talal jk : عندي عدد40 شنطة قهوة مختصة من علي بابا لازم سابر ولا اخوي




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