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Road to IELTS Full Version

IELTS is a difficult test. Time is limited, the task types are complex and preparation time is usually short. That’s why the British Council — the originator of IELTS — does everything it can to help candidates achieve their best possible band score.

The Head of Exams for the British Council East Asia, Mr Greg Selby, advises that "If you do nothing else, you really must understand how the test works." Road to IELTS will ensure you understand the task types: True/False/Not Given, Matching Headings to Paragraphs, Giving a Short Talk and so on. And it does much more than that.

Subscribe to Road to IELTS and you will get:
- A downloadable study planner to help you get started
- 4 eBooks explaining each test component in detail
- 17 advice videos from British Council experts explaining the secret tips and tricks you can use to help you boost your score
- Mock test papers with answer keys (9 sets at each of the Listening, Reading and Writing modules) so you feel really confident on test day
- 9 Speaking test Part 2 practice with a timer and a self-review panel
- Over 300 interactive activities with instant feedback. These provide essential practice in the whole range of task types.
- Detailed record functions so you can measure your progress
- A band score widget and exam countdown metre. And more…

Everything necessary, in fact, to help you get the band score you need.

For most people IELTS is a critically important exam. You don’t want to have to take it twice. So rely on the British Council to give you the best possible chance of success.

Find out more at the Road to IELTS Full Version site:
ByTubeho Makhakhe : I like to write ielts , so I need to be guided and helped to prepare for examination.
Anamul Haque : how will you provide hard copy?
The Future Of Work : Can I learn ielts by this method while i am a newbie. I havent try to test ielts. and I dont know what band I am
jundel pascua : I'm planning to take my i3lts exam early next year..can u help me improve my english proficiency pla..thank u very much.

ROAD TO IELTS LISTENING 4. British Council. Mock test

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Do the test under the exam conditions, and score yourself at the end of the test. The answers are given in the video. Please follow the instructor. I uploaded test 1, 2, 3, kindly do them too if you haven't attempted.

For more videos please subscribe to the channel and click the bell button so you won't miss any upcoming new Practice videos.
IELTS Tests ALLDAY : I hope this quality is enough to see the letters, enjoy it. ✌
Jame : i'v got 35 today! a bit of a letdown the other day! for me , it is harder than Cambridge ! i am working on the stimulation at the same time?? hopefully
Canva ShamIm : I scored 32 only. Having difficulty in map.
AKOSUA OSEI : Very clear. Thanks Jay
Reya Park : 39/40 I wrote standart in question 32. (SILLY MISTAKE)


This channel is created to provide you with various IELTS Listening tests. With this valuable source of information and materials, I do hope that you can conquer this test successfully.

Here is the link for the answer of this test:
praveen nair : Q 31 - 35 changed to 36 - 40 before finishing the audio track for Q 31 - 35
IELTS Multiverse : The answer's link is now updated in the description. You guys can check it after finishing the test. Good Luck :)
Ha Le : 2:00 Sec2 7:45 10:30 Sec3 14:27 17:03 Sec4 21:35
MaskMan : only got 31/40 , at question 21 it said : The secret garden but I heard it as The Secret Go-off . Btw , it is more easier than the tests in Cambridge IELTS
Habers Education : Outstanding test for IELTS


#road to ielts


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