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Finding Rural Japan in Niigata Prefecture | 3-Day Trip from Tokyo |

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In this video, we head for a 3-day trip from Tokyo to Niigata, a prefecture famous for its high quality rice, beautiful coastal and mountainous sceneries, skiing in winter and hot spring bathing around the year.

We first check out Echigo Tsumari, a rural region showcasing contemporary art installations scattered around its fields, forests and villages, before heading to the remote island of Sadogashima, where we explore some of the highlights it has to offer.

- Video Credits -
Host and Narrator: Matt Evans
Videographer: Charles Sabas
Producer: Stefan Schauwecker
@sohambhattacharyya6238 : Rural Japan is extremely calm and beautiful.. A introvert's paradise ❤️
@aasl25 : Thanks for showing the beauty of Niigata, a place I've been calling my home for more than a year now. Would love to see Echigo Tsumari soon! Other places I'd recommend in Sado would be Senkakuwan Bay and Toki Forest Park. Back in the mainland, a visit to Yahiko in the autumn is one of a kind.
@Catwoman1464 : Loved the countryside in Japan, especially Kamakurra was exotic to me as a european with the wildlife and nature. Wish I did more trips out of town while being in Tokyo, although I now know the city like the back of my hand ☺
@lucianoarrieta5786 : This channel is both a blessing and a curse; a blessing because every video is interesting, well made and a resource for many trips, and so beautiful!

A curse because we can’t go to Japan and it’s an excercise in frustration, that and it’s pattently obvious that a single trip is not enough to see it all and do it all!

On a side note is it possible to see somewhere what the budget for a trip like this would be? Transportation, lodgings, food expences, the like? I think it would help to plan a trip like that if the information was available somewhere.
@FlexxenRandomPlaces : Absolute bliss to see a rather uncommon temple like Seisuiji, it looks so atmospheric and little touristy there. Makes me wanna jump off my chair and explore! And the small old village looks so scenic, especially with this bloody wide angled footage! Absolutely love this episode.

10 Best Places To Visit In Niigata, Japan | Travel Video | Travel Guide | SKY Travel

10 Best Places To Visit In Niigata, Japan | Travel Video | Travel Guide | SKY Travel
#travelvideo #japan #niigata #travelguide #travel #skytravel @Sky Travel
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NIIGATA, un Japon de bandits

Un voyage de bandits de grands chemins dans la préfecture de Niigata et sur l'île de Sado, un Japon clairement sous-coté !

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Konizan : C’est pour ça que Magicarpe évolue en Léviator ?
ThurJsif 9 : 30 minutes de bonheur ou tu parviens à apaiser mon esprit. Merci gui-gui tu nous fais rêver
Cédric Sozzani : Guyguy qui nous régale encore !!! J'espère que tu n'arrêtera pas vraiment YouTube, j'aime beaucoup la qualité de ton travail ! Arigatõgozaimashita Guyguy San
Valtero Moloko : Les featurings avec Japania/Varane sont toujours savoureux!
Marving : Partout dans le Japon, je voyage,
Pas de limite, j'suis un flibustier,
Tel un loup, je guête le rivage,
Même la pluie ne peut me stopper.




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