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BMW X1 SUV 2019 Review | xDrive28i

Today I had the brand new 2019 BMW x1 xDrive28i in Alpine White. It is a compact SUV and is pretty easy to drive and handles well. The car comes with a all new turbocharged 4 cylinder engine including a 8 speed automatic transmission. There are no other types of cars in its class like the x1, but for a base price of about $36,940 you can experience the most affordable BMW that offers xDrive.

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Reviews are given from a different perspective. Through the lens of a Car enthusiast I feature everyday life and events in the Bay Area. Enjoy!

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Robert Rob : just bought this car. only thing i would say i disagree is the cabin is not a quiet car in fact it is quite loud.
Anthony : $5000 for the pano roof?! Lol it’s only like $1,300
Toni Castin : How do you get all these cars?
DCL : Per Consumer Reports, it's built on a Mini Cooper Clubman platform. Really mediocre review. Saying the "car looks really nice" is subjective as "nice" means different things to people. Specifically defining the features would be helpful.
Frankie Lee : Lol I got u

2019 BMW X1

L. Roy : Great job on the review! Stunning vehicle at a great price.
Silly Sevy : This is not the newest model though, if u look at @3:42 u see it has the old big gearshift. The new models have the traditional slick looking one.
: Brandy #Necessary written by Ceelo #GNARLY :-) :-* <3
Siddhartha Ray : The back rest angles are so steep that nobody can sit, moreover the under thigh support is also poor
R : Why not say what model X1 it is in the title?

2019 BMW X1 review - what other reviewers missed!

Following my series on the M2 Competition, I wanted to provide some info on our new second car, a BMW X1. It has been a great car and has some interesting features. I also wanted to share some very interesting options to select if you're looking to buy one. Enjoy!
Whitney is Back : Great review. I have an X1 and probably won't buy a new one. And this because of the terrible Digital Turning Signal, I deeply hate that turning signal behavior. It caused many dangerous situations for me. e.g. (1)when giving direction, let's say to the left, by a long push, it is really difficult, even after years, to turn it off, most of the times I try it it's giving direction to the right, and other way around. Also, I don't hear the Turning Signal well.
Question: has this changed in the new BMW X1? I can imagine many X1 drivers have complained about the same....
Everyday Techy : I think you have the best dash trim option, I have the MSport 20d xDrive with. The same dash trim what a car... My first BM and I’m impressed great video
Bionic Rusty : I have a 2017 X1 (UK owner). I noticed that the update doesn’t include sliding rear seats as std any more. That’s a downer. Also, in my experience LED headlights are similar to HID’s. I’ve had 3 cars with HID’s and have LED’s on my X1. They’re brilliant, don’t get me wrong, but not a huge jump from the HID Xenons.
Uncle Dudley : The option that I wish I would have bought for mine (2017) was the Heads Up Display.
Volt-Face : Those roads! I'm replacing my Active Tourer with an X1 next year.




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