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My BMW 640d *HONEST* One Year Ownership Review | Bills!

My BMW 640d *HONEST* One Year Ownership Review | Bills!

I have owned my BMW 640d for just over a year and I felt it’s time to give an honest one year ownership review on the car!
In this video, I will be taking my BMW 640d to the garage and talk about the money I have spent on the car and the bills involved.
Overall the BMW 640d is an excellent car and I won’t be selling it anytime soon.
However if you are looking to buy a BMW 640d, I’d suggest you watch this honest one year ownership review, so you can see how much it will be to own/run, what sort of bills to expect and general common faults within the car!

Let me know what you think of this honest BMW 640d one year ownership review!

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@Mr.dnicholson : Nice insight. I've got a 635d and thinking of getting one of these. I've made my mind up. I'm getting one!
@santana9537 : Beautiful car and still looks like it’s worth 60-70k. Defo prefer this over a new shape a7 or cls. Buying myself a facelift 640i gran coupe as soon as I find the right spec
@FinleyESB : Get yourself bimmerlink. You could have cleared the parking camera error yourself. It's handy to have as the sensors on the 6 are very sensitive and something silly that needs clearing will come along soon. SOS failure is another. That can be coded out with bimmercode rather than replacing the module in the boot.

Also changing the oil every 8 to 10k is essential to avoid stretched timing chains and bottom end failure. The recommended intervals are far too long
@K1NKYG4M3R : I bought a Gran Coupe 640d this year, my first BMW and the best car I’ve ever had. I have the window issue, I’ll be lubing them thanks to your video. My seatbelts don’t retract into the seat smoothly, apparently a quick spray with silicon lubricant will fix that easy. Enjoy the car, they’re amazing machines.
@mandyjuttla1424 : Appreciate the insight for the 640d! Always loved these cars nice interior too

BMW 640d in depth Review - Long Term OWNERSHIP thoughts *ULTIMATE GT CAR*

A real time ownership review of the BMW 640d. \r

Car Mad Dad’s guide to running the car, costs, and ownership. Including why I believe these really are one of the used car bargains of the decade!

My thoughts of the 640d for what has been 2 years and 30,000 miles as my daily workhorse, the car has been through everything I can throw at her! As a typical family man needing a car for all purposes, the 640d really is more than just your average family car.\r

Tyre Review Website: https://www.youtube.com/redirect?redir_token=SZYXjzLkzGBxw79aqhZMSX4NCyN8MTU2NzA3Njc4MkAxNTY2OTkwMzgy\u0026event=channel_description\u0026q=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.tyrereviews.co.uk \r

Thank you for watching \r

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Chris Lupton : Great review. Thinking of getting one of these or a 435d. Whilst in theory I'd like a more agile sporty drive, in reality I think the luxury and refinement of the 640, as well as the looks would make it a better choice, especially for long journeys
Warren Summerfield : 100% agree with your review. I’ve had mine for three years and it goes back next week, I did suffer with pot holes and the low profile tyres costing me 2 nsf tyres (Staffordshire roads I’m afraid) Apart from that a great car, pick up my new X5 tomorrow!
NikonGuy : I've just realised the used prices on these, I'm absolutely in love with them! I've had a shitwagon Insignia for 5 years, its a nightmare. My brain says spend the money on a newer car, but my heart says get a 6 Series.
Andy Clark : This was my go to review when I was changing car and in my heart had decided that I was going to get a 640d.
I took the plunge eight weeks ago now and bought a low mileage one in space grey. I’ve replaced the mid quality tyres which still had plenty of tread on for some much quieter and super grippy Dunlop SP Sport Maxx GTs which I felt the car deserved. What an gorgeous car I now have. I absolutely love it. I now look forward to my 30 mile drive to work each day.
Thanks for a brilliant review Car Mad Dad. You convinced me that I was making the right purchase, and I haven’t regretted it for a second.
simon makinson : I am looking to buy a 640d . Thank you for a truthful review in the first place. Fantastic advice & I have to agree, for what it is...it’s a beautiful looking car that has panache when you see it in the “flesh” metal.

Should You Buy a BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe? (Test Drive & Review 640d)

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Today, I'm in a 2015 BMW 640d Gran Coupe. Let's see what its like.

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TC AUDIOBOOKS : The last great looking BMW, you don't have to convince yourself it's good looking, or let it grow on you, it simply has you at hello.
aviuspersona : This is truly one of the best car channels on Youtube. It is nice to feel like a real person is talking to you rather than a showman talking at you.
Alex Vlad : I agree with most of what you said, especially about the driving experience, I had my 640 for about 3 years and hands down the best car I had, pretty cheap to run considering, mine never missed a beat, service every year and all went great.
640 TAG : Kept mine for 3 years/75K miles, which is a record for me. Traded it for a Merc E300 coupe, which I hated. The Merc salesman did a private deal to buy my 640, as he loved it so much. I've had 29 cars in my life, and I think this was the best ever. Fantastic buy.
S : When this came out it was stunning and even now it's still gorgeous - personally find it a million times better looking then its hideous predecessor. Also have to agree with you Matt on the fact that this 6 series and the A7 & CLS at the time are 3 amazing looking cars, all 3 which I'd happily buy now




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